Our Mission

To deliver the highest quality Engineering and Professional services, with the most efficient outcomes for our customers

Simple & Effective

Black Rock’s formation was in response to the fiscal pressures that the U.S. Government and Commercial providers were and continue to face today. Black Rock provides clear, concise direction to our clients and partners. Black Rock leverages the wealth of experience of our industry professionals to provide exceptional, efficient, and affordable solutions to the DoD and commercial markets.

There is an entire industry of providing organizations with "insights" and having clients pay for those insights.  Black Rock Engineering and Technology is built different.  We are not afraid to give your organization direct and prescriptive answers to the most complex problems.  Our professionals spent years working in Big 4 firms, selling "insights" because it was too risky to provide an organization with real answers, solutions, and products.

We want to do better

Our team of cyber security, software, network engineers, and strategic leaders are direct. We do not shy away from providing you with what we think will work best for your organization. Black Rock is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) as well as a Minority Owned Business

We collaborate with you. We challenge traditional norms in order to orient an organization to a mindset of forward thinking in order to seize their vision quickly. Without the fluff, without wasted time.

We offer clear direction. Complete with comprehensive solutions, as your trusted advisor and a partner in your success. Where other companies only provide vague 'direction', Black Rock provides the engineering to give you tangible success.