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Engineering and Technology

BR has hands on experience and “sweat equity” in missile flight safety systems, airborne vehicle systems (particularly navigation, telemetry and flight termination), test range instrumentation and communication, and geophysical and meteorological phenomena. Using credentialed Electrical, Computer, and Mechanical engineers.

Black Rock can also conducts special safety and performance studies on Space, Ground, and Healthcare, instrumentation, communications and processing systems as well as integrate such implementations, working with vendor specified and customized solutions.   BR is able to leverage the best and BRightest in High Performance Computing to simulate multiple factors equated with Single Points of Failure and identifying acquisition requirements based on data from in depth studies that also consider Human Factors.

BR has the internal capability to provide rapid prototyping and other prototype support to the Government. This capability provides our Government customers with the ability to acquire fast turn-around and one-of-a-kind solutions for quick assessment of technology innovations that are then handed-off to the Government customer for further development and testing.

BR integrates mathematical and computational modeling and simulations into our analysis process.   Through this approach we are more able to do factor based analysis consisting of permutations that can identify weaknesses in design concepts stress testing, and structural stress.

BR is able to support our customers’ acquisition and program management objectives without organizational conflict of interest concerns. We are able to do this because we do not manufacture hardware.

Other Services

Acquisition & Program Management
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Certification and Accreditation

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Cyber Security

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Infrastructure Management

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Strategic & Visual Communications

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Systems Engineering & Integration

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