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Strategic and Visual Communications

Your identity, Your Message, Your Look, and Your Reputation are the four Y's that define you as the solution to your customer's desires. They are the packaging to which your potential customers must be drawn.

Today's mediums of branding and delivery of appetizing features and benefits that your services and products offer are vast. The launch point of this to the mass market of potential customers begins with your Website, lives with your stationary, and is embodied by the fulfillment of your promises.

Black Rock Engineering and Technology / Ouverture Consulting Services LLC provides that message through the Creative and Technical Talents of its Content and Graphics Developers delivering the simple philosophy of Y4.

Your Identity

Who You Are is Obvious! What makes you who you are is what matters! Every aspect of your company that is public facing should deliver your identity in simple powerful terms and in a multi-sensory way.

Your Message

Crisp, Short, Flirty, and Substantive. The most effective message is not the longest message. It's the message that simply says what you do and how you do it better than anyone else.

Your Look

Looks Matter, because 98% of the people of the World See first, Hear Second, Feel third, and Think Last. The idea is to get all eyes on your company. The key to this,, Stand Out Visually.

Your Reputation

Credibility by association is essential. You need to brag about what you did without sounding braggadocios. Allow your customers to do the honors. Nothing speaks more to your reputation than those who have experienced the benefits of your services and products.

Our websites provide the multi-sensory emersion that entices your audience to get to know you more; leading qualified prospects to become potential customers. Our website and graphics developers leverage the latest in cutting edge graphics and content to create a world centered around your company and simply invites the public to indulge. We offer:

  • Research and planning, including focus groups and surveys
  • Marketing, advertising, messaging, and branding
  • Creative development and production in all mediums
  • Media planning and buying
  • Social and interactive media
  • Public relations and community outreach
  • Partnerships and stakeholder engagement
  • Campaign and program evaluation

Other Services

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Certification and Accreditation

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Cyber Security

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Engineering & Technology

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